Kshiteej Sheth

I am a first year CS PhD student at EPFL working with Prof. Michael Kapralov. I am broadly interested in algorithms for massive datasets, with a focus on randomized algorithms for large scale numerical linear algebra, high-dimensional data analysis and optimization.

Previously, I worked with Prof. Ola Svensson during my MSc on clustering problems. Before that I worked with Prof. Anirban Dasgupta and Prof. Dinesh Garg (IBM Research, Bengaluru) on randomized linear algebra. I also spent a summer at Caltech on a SURF fellowship working with Dr. Ashish Mahabal on deep learning for astronomy.

You can reach me at firstname dot lastname at epfl dot ch.


Toeplitz Low-Rank Approximation with Sublinear Query Complexity.
Michael Kapralov, Hannah Lawrence, Mikhail Makarov, Cameron Musco, Kshiteej Sheth.
SODA 2023.

Towards Non-Uniform k-Center with Constant types of Radii.
Xinrui Jia, Lars Rohwedder, Kshiteej Sheth and Ola Svensson.
SOSA 2022.

Fair Colorful k-Center Clustering.
Xinrui Jia, Kshiteej Sheth and Ola Svensson.
Math. Programming 2021.
Preliminary version in IPCO 2020.